Εικόνα του λογότυπου των Motivated Travellers.
About Us

Welcome to Motivatedtravellers.

We are Kostas and Υiota, two travellers from beautiful Greece. As the name of our blog suggests, the primary purpose of creating this website is to motivate each of you to travel and discover the magic of this world.

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Our Story

At the beginning of our relationship, we discovered a passion for travel. There were moments when we were already at a destination and were thinking about the next one. Every time we chose a destination, we made sure, at short notice, to look for information on how to organize our trip in the best possible way.

So this travel blog was created to learn and see places you want to visit, with valid information about the sights, restaurants, entertainment, and places to eat and drink, without resorting to other sources.

Our Target

Our ultimate goal is to encourage you to discover new aspects of the world, step out of your comfort zone and dare to live a different life dominated by adventure, exploration, and the passion for living an extraordinary life.

Who is Yiota?

Some of the things that define me are adventure, exploration, and carefreeness. I am the one who motivates us to do the craziest thing you can imagine to make the trip unforgettable. Since my first trip abroad, I have never stopped dreaming of going to as many places as possible.

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Who is Kostas

Who is Kostas?

Two words that could describe me are spontaneity and humor. Ever since I was a little kid, I loved browsing google earth and looking for landscapes from different countries. Furthermore, I spent many hours on my computer making 2D games when I was a teenager. My evolution could not be other than working as a web developer and enjoying traveling to different destinations at the first chance.

Our Vision

Our vision is to explore as many places of the world as possible, to try different cuisines, and to experience new places and cultures. Above all, to record moments and images that can only be acquired through travel.