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One Of The Most Beautiful Greek Islands

Experience the Beauty of Santorini


Explore the Beauty of Santorini


Who hasn’t dreamt of visiting the island of Santorini at least once in their life? Not without reason, as the unique architecture and the extraordinary sunset that colors the Caldera have made Santorini one of Greece’s must-visit destinations.

Santorini is one of the most famous Cycladic islands, and its particular morphology is due to the volcano’s eruption. Its sunsets, romance, and endless white churches with blue domes stand out. This ultimate, enchanting summer destination will fascinate you with its uniqueness.

Below you will find information on what to see and what to do on the island of Santorini.

Μια εκπληκτική εναέρια άποψη των Φηρών, της ζωντανής πρωτεύουσας της Σαντορίνης, με θέα την εντυπωσιακή καλντέρα.
Βυθιστείτε στη ζωντανή γοητεία των Φηρών, της πρωτεύουσας της Σαντορίνης, καθώς ξετυλίγεται με φόντο την μαγευτική καλντέρα.


First, we cannot fail to mention the magic Santorini’s sunset offers in the afternoon hours of the day. People climb to any point to enjoy the incredible colors that spread across the landscape and create a romantic scene. Travelers and locals applaud as the sun sets, giving way to the night lighting that illuminates shops, hotels, and swimming pools.

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Best spots to enjoy the sunset

1. Oia

Oia is ranked as one of the best places to see the sunset in Santorini, with millions of tourists from all over the world visiting for this reason.  This place, with its breathtaking colors, has become a landmark for tourists, who enjoy the scenery and take pictures of it.  One of the most famous places to see the sunset in Oia is considered to be the castle of Agios Nikolaos.

2. Imerovigli

Another spot for your vavation in Santorini is Imerovigli, where you will enjoy the most unreal view of both the Caldera and Thirassia. More specifically, walk up to Skaros, the rock in front of Imerovigli, and you will be impressed.

3. Lighthouse at Akrotiri

However, if you want to enjoy the sunset with far fewer people, we recommend you visit Faros in Akrotiri. The view will amaze you, as you can see the entire island and Oia in the distance, with the scenery becoming idyllic. The lighthouse of Santorini is one of the oldest lighthouses in the Aegean and serves as the symbol of the island. It’s white tower and red lantern create a striking contrast against the blue of the sea and the white houses of Santorini, captivating you with their beauty.  

4. Pyrgos

At the Tower, you can visit the Monastery of Prophet Elias, which is located at one of the highest points of the island. The incredible view will leave you breathless, and the sunset at this spot is so extraordinary that you will be captivated by its beauty.

Μια γοητευτική θέα της Σαντορίνης, Ελλάδα, που επιδεικνύει μια φθαρμένη καφέ πόρτα σε ένα εκπληκτικό παρασκήνιο ατέλειωτης γαλάζιας θάλασσας και ουρανού.
Ανακαλύψτε τη γαλήνη στα κρυμμένα κόσμηματα της Σαντορίνης, όπου μια ρουστίκ καφέ πόρτα ανοίγει σε ένα εκπληκτικό πανόραμα ατέλειωτου γαλάζιου.

5. Vlychada

If you want to enjoy the sunset and be at sea simultaneously, Vlychada beach is the place for you for your holidays in Santorini.


Although the islands of Greece are known for their turquoise waters, Santorini is not one of them. Due to the volcano, black sand dominates the beaches; however, it is a different experience. Below you will find the most famous beaches in Santorini for swimming.

1. Red Beach

Red Beach is considered the most exceptional beach in Santorini. The combination of red and black on the rocks creates a magical landscape. Its waters are dark blue, the sand is red, and there are also black pebbles.

It is essential to know that there is an organized area with sunbeds, but they are few. Similarly, there is limited space available to sit with your equipment. For this reason, go to this beach early in the morning. You can combine this beach with a visit to the archaeological site of Akrotiri.

2. Perissa

Very close to Thira is Perissa beach, the largest beach on the island. A unique landscape has been created in Perissa, where you will find the white rock of Prophet Elias with black sand. The beach is suitable for water sports, such as jet skiing and kayaking. Near Perissa, there are the ruins of Ancient Thera, which you can visit.

3. Perivolos Bay

After Perissa, you will meet at the beach of Perivolos. It attracts young people, as there are many beach bars with music that beats loudly to the rhythm of summer. The sand is fine, and the waters are crystal clear.

4. Camari Bay

One of the most organized beaches in Santorini is located in Kamari. There you will find many cafes, restaurants and beach bars. The sand’s black color and the small pebbles will impress you.

5. White Beach

The white rocks surrounding this beach will enchant you with black sand and pebbles. It is located near Red beach. The only way to access the beach is by boat. The beach has umbrellas and sunbeds; however, they are few available and fill them up quickly. Be sure to bring food with you, as there is no nearby canteen.


Santorini Volcano

If you want to have a different experience on the island, you can visit Santorini’s volcano. You will be given the opportunity to explore the active volcano of Santorini up close by taking a ferry from Fira to the old port, which will take you to Nea Kammenia. To get down to the old port, take the cable car or descend 600 steps from the center of Fira.

Wear sportswear as it will take about half an hour to reach the volcano crater you will walk to. Don’t forget that you are in a volcano, so the smell of sulfur and smoke is typical. The walk includes three stops, two of which are at the two inactive craters and the third at the active crater of St. George. The temperatures are high, so don’t forget to bring water.

In addition to the volcano, you’ll be diving in the hot springs of Palea Kameni, so bring flip-flops.


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Μια γραφική θέα ενός κρουαζιερόπλοιου που πλέει κοντά στον ηφαιστειακό τοπίο της Σαντορίνης.
Ξεκινήστε ένα εξαιρετικό ταξίδι καθώς πλέτε κοντά στον ηφαιστειακό τοπίο της Σαντορίνης, εξερευνώντας τις φλογερές θαύματα της φύσης.

Cruise in Santorini

Of course, we could not fail to mention one of the most beautiful experiences you can have on the island of Santorini, which is the cruise. The ships depart from Ammoudi, Gialos, or Athinios and sail around the Caldera. 

Based on our own experience, we recommend booking your cruise with Blue Cruisers – Santorini. They offer gourmet 5-course meals prepared by a renowned chef, limit the number of guests to 14 per cruise, and have a crew composed of experienced members.


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Villages in Santorini

1. Fira

In Fira, the capital of Santorini, you will spend a large part of your holidays. Overlooking the Caldera, you will be enchanted by its beauty in every aspect, both during the day and in the evening. Meanwhile, in Fira, there are many alleys to wander, eat and have fun.

The island morphology will leave you stunned, and the way the houses are built next to each other at the top of the Caldera will make you not want to take your eyes off the scene unfolding in front of you.

2. Firostefani

Firostefani is a 10-minute walk from Fira, and its main feature is the steep rock, which makes the hearts of visitors beat faster. Relax while walking and gaze at this incredible view from one of the restaurants in the area.

3. Pyrgos

Pyrgos is the highest village in Santorini and is full of churches and chapels. It stands out for its architecture, picturesque alleys, and countless churches. This medieval village has retained its influences from the Venetian Empire and was the island’s first capital.

4. Amoudi

Ammoudi is surrounded by red volcanic rocks and is located next to the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea.  There are two ways to reach this picturesque fishing village. Either by descending 214 steps from the castle of Oia or by taking a car and crossing the coastal road. Some reasons to drop them are to eat fresh fish and seafood.

5. Megalochori

Despite the close distance from Fira, it is a village where you will enjoy the quietness and the traditional side in Santorini since the area is famous for its unique churches and the traditional Greek cuisine offered by the restaurants in the village square. 

Its existence is estimated to date back to the mid-17th century, and it is located in the southwestern part of the island, about 9 km from Fira. Megalochori is known for its excellent wineries; some of them are the Boutaris and Gavalas wineries.

Points of interest

Akrotiri or Pompeii of Greece

Just 15 km from Fira is the ancient settlement of Akrotiri, which is one of the most important archaeological discoveries. More specifically, Akrotiri was covered with ash after a volcanic eruption. Akrotiri of Thera, like the archaeological site of Akrotiri, will take you back in time. Don’t forget that it is one of Santorini’s most important monuments, worth visiting.


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Transportation in Santorini

In Santorini, there are various options for getting around and exploring the island.

Car Rental: We rented a car from the airport, and it was the best and most comfortable option to see the island.

Buses: The bus network in Santorini is well-organized and offers frequent connections between towns and tourist destinations. The main bus company in Santorini is KTEL Santorini. Buses cover the main routes between Santorini’s towns, such as Fira, Oia, Kamari, Perissa, and Megalochori. Tickets can be purchased directly from the bus driver or from kiosks and tourist businesses in each town.

Taxis: Taxis are another transportation option in Santorini. You can call a taxi from your hotel or find taxis on the main roads and squares. It’s an easy option for transportation if you don’t want to deal with driving, but it’s the most expensive option.

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Where to eat in Santorini

The uniqueness of Santorini’s soil from the volcano has given a unique taste to the food of Santorini. Don’t leave the island without trying fava beans, capers, tomato meatballs, eggplant salad, and wine.

Below you will find the best places in Santorini to enjoy your food.


Galini Cafe: The best place in Santorini to have your breakfast while enjoying an incredible view of Firostefani.

Seafood Taverns

Santorini is known for its rich gastronomy, especially when it comes to seafood. If you’re on the island, you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in a wide variety of fresh seafood dishes, such as octopus, shrimp, and squids. The best places on the island of Santorini for seafood are Frantzeskos in Perissa, Savvas o Popay in Perivolos, Sunset by Paraskevas Tavern in Ammoudi, and Psaraki Taverna in Vlychada.


Santorini offers a great variety of restaurants catering to different tastes. Some of the best restaurants in Santorini include Sea Side in Perivolos, Leukes in Finikia, and Metaxy Mas.

The best places to enjoy the sunset while enjoying your drink

The sunset in Santorini is unique. Often, it can be challenging for someone to enjoy it among the crowds. Below, we suggest places in Santorini that offer stunning sunset views.

Santo Wines: Santo Wines is one of the most renowned destinations in Santorini for wine lovers. Located in Pyrgos, it offers an incredible view of the volcano and the island’s caldera.

Franco’s Cafe: Franco’s Cafe is a popular coffee shop in Santorini that offers breathtaking views of the caldera and the sunset. Located in the village of Fira, it’s an ideal place to enjoy your coffee, drink, or beverage while taking in the unique view of the volcano and the Aegean Sea.

Nightlife in Santorini

Santorini offers a vibrant and entertaining nightlife for all tastes. Discover some of the best places for drinks and entertainment on the island of Santorini. 


Koo Club: Located in Firostefani, Santorini, Koo Club is one of the most popular venues for nightlife. It features modern decor, impressive light shows, and plays music of various genres. 

Enigma Club: Situated in Akrotiri, Santorini, Enigma Club offers a unique environment for entertainment. With its sophisticated decor and stunning sea view, Enigma Club provides a nightlife experience that you will remember.

 Tropical Bar: Located in Perissa, Tropical Bar is a popular destination for nightlife. It offers a pleasant atmosphere with an exotic aesthetic, a relaxed ambiance, and good music.


Accommodation in Santorini

Where to stay in Santorini depends on your preferences and budget. The best locations for your accommodation, if you desire a stunning Caldera view, are Fira, Oia, and Firostefani. On the other hand, there are villages like Perissa, Kamari, and Megalochori, which offer a more traditional atmosphere. 

Below, you will find some of the best hotels in Santorini that will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Mystique, a Luxury Collection Hotel: Located in Oia, Santorini, Mystique offers a luxurious accommodation experience in a stunning environment with suites, villas, and private pools. 

Canaves Oia Suites: Situated in Oia, Canaves Oia Suites features luxurious suites and villas with breathtaking views of the Santorini Caldera and the Aegean Sea. 

Astra Suites: Located in Imerovigli, Astra Suites is among the top 25 hotels in the world according to TripAdvisor. It offers a romantic and luxurious retreat with Caldera views.

Villa Manos: Located in Karterados, Villa Manos offers comfortable and spacious studios and apartments. The accommodation features an outdoor pool and provides a more affordable option on the island of Santorini.

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Useful tips

  1. In places crowded with tourists to see the sunset, go at least 30-40 minutes before sunset so you can find an excellent spot to enjoy it.
  2. Santorini has all-year-round tourism, especially in spring and summer. I prefer to visit Santorini in April-May or September to discover its true beauty.
  3. Prefer Fira for intense nightlife and Perivolos if you want to be on the beach.
  4. Getting around Santorini will not be difficult as it is a small island with good roads. You can rent a car, motorbike, or ATV; another option is public transport.
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