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One-Day cruise doing the Round of Milos

One-Day Cruise doing the Round of Milos

One of the most beautiful experiences worth including in your itinerary is a cruise to the crystal-clear beaches of Milos, through which you will gain a comprehensive overview of the whole island. Many beaches are not accessible through the road network, so it is worth visiting them either by an organized cruise or by renting a boat.

Most boats depart from Adamantas, the port of Milos, but you can also organize a trip from Pollonia, Agia Kyriaki, Paleochori, and Provatas.

Through the sea excursion, you can swim in the azure waters, explore caves, and be impressed by the mineral wealth of Milos. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to swim and see beaches such as Klima, Fourkovouni, Arkoudes, Vani, Kalogries, and Sykia.

Place that Stops


One of the most famous beaches is Kleftiko, which will “steal” your heart as majestic cliffs emerge from the sea. For this reason, many call it the “Sea Meteora”. Its history is also significant, as it used to be a refuge for pirates who waited in the caves.  The monohulls seal is also hiding there.

kleftiko milos greece


Sailboats drop anchor outside of Sykia and take people on a tour of this enormous cave via an inflatable boat. The main feature that makes it unique is that a portion of the cave has collapsed, resulting in a spectacular hole with a view of the endless blue sky.

The sun’s rays create stunning colors that leave visitors dazzled. Inside the cave, there is a small beach with pebbles and crystal-clear waters. Its name likely comes from the fig tree located at the opening of the ceiling.


A cluster of lava rocks has formed a three-meter-tall bear sculpture. This natural sculptural play on the rocks creates a unique landscape.

Divine mines

During your cruise, you will pass by the sulfur mines. The oldest mine for extracting large quantities of sulfur and other minerals in Greece was located there. Although the facilities may be abandoned, swimming in this particular spot is unique, as the pebbles have taken on a yellow color from the sulfur.


Few cruises make it to Polyaigos, so if you find one, don’t miss the chance to take advantage of it. Swimming in the blue oasis will enchant you. Clear waters, volcanic hills, and peculiar rock formations will be recorded in your memory. It is the natural habitat where the Monachus-Monachus seals lay their eggs.

Many refer to it as a ‘pool’, as its feels like swimming in a pool

polygaios greece

What else does it include…

These cruises offer breakfast, lunch, plenty of refreshments, fruit, and sweets. Dive masks and flippers are also provided. 

These cruises are so popular that they fill up in a short period. So when you arrive on the island, book your seat immediately.

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