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Travel to Milos, Greece

The diamond of the Cyclades

A few words about the island of Milos

Milos, the island of Aphrodite, is one of the most beautiful Cycladic islands, and its beauty will surely enchant you. In recent years, tourism has grown rapidly and not without reason, as it is famous for its crystal clear waters, idyllic sunsets, sea excursions, and delicious food.

Its volcanic character makes it stand out from the rest of the islands, creating lunar landscapes, extraordinary morphological formations, and rocks in various shades on the stones that enchant you.

Milos is among the ideal destinations for relaxing holidays and is an attraction for many couples and not only.

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The best beaches you must visit

There are over 70 registered beaches on the island. Their diversity, volcanic rocks, and the clarity of their colors are some of the features that will remain engraved in your memory. It’s important to know that most beaches are unorganized, so bring sunscreen, a hat, water, and food!

When the wind blows from the north, avoid swimming on the beaches in the northern part of the island.

1) Sarakiniko Beach

The island’s most famous beach is Sarakiniko, named after the Saracen pirates who used to hide in the caves.

Its popularity is due to the volcanic rocks overflow from the turquoise waters, creating a magical landscape reminiscent of the Moon more than the Earth.

sarakiniko Milos Greece

This beach is more famous for photography than swimming, but adventurous swimmers can dip in the rocks. Visit the beach at night too! The reflection of the moonlight creates a magical landscape.

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This particular beach is not organized, but there is a canteen, which is located in the area where you park your car, so you can get the essentials, such as water and food.

2) Fyriplaka beach

On the south coast of Milos, Fyriplaka is a beach that stands out. It is distinguished by its shallow blue waters, sandy shore, and massive rocks in the sea. Stones of different colors surround it and, combined with the white pebbles, make the landscape exotic.

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3) Tsigrado Beach

An adventure awaits you on this beach, as you will have to work hard to enjoy it. The access is difficult and would be described as dangerous. Therefore, you will have to rappel down through a steep, narrow passage, which is dug into the rock, and before you reach the sandy beach, you will descend via a wooden staircase. However, you will be rewarded when you are faced with its turquoise waters and fine white sand.

Another way to visit it is either by kayak from the beach of Fyriplaka or by day cruise.

4) Firopotamos Beach

In Fyropotamos, apart from the clear and turquoise waters, you will have the opportunity to see the famous wires, i.e., the fishermen’s houses with the colored doors, where the boats were kept during the winter and to swim with a view of beautiful picturesque landscape. It is worth walking around and visiting the castle, where the processing of metals occurs. From there, you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view it offers. The chapel of Agios Nikolaos, located opposite the organized beach, will immediately catch your attention.

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5) Papafragkas Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean. Papafragas has an imposing and wild landscape, with grey and white rocks that enchant you. The deep blue waters stand out on this beach, as does the swimming in the caves that lead from one beach bay to the other. The name of the beach comes from the last Frangos Papa, who used the beach as a shelter for his boat.

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6) Agia Kiriaki Beach Milos

Its main features are its extensive golden sandy beach with fine pebbles and emerald green waters. Just above the beach is the volcano crater. It is ideal for families with children, as it gradually deepens and is suitable for water sports. Other beaches are Alomantra, Provatas, Paleochori, and Plationa.

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One day cruise around Milos

One of the most beautiful experiences worth including in your itinerary is a cruise on the beaches of Milos, through which you will have a comprehensive view of the whole island. Many beaches are not accessible by road, so visiting them on an organized cruise or by renting your boat is worth visiting. In most cases, boats depart from Adamas, the port of Milos, but you can arrange an excursion from Pollonia, Agia Kyriaki, Paleochori, and Provatas.

Through the sea excursion, you can swim in the deep blue waters, explore caves, and be impressed by the mineral wealth. You can swim and see beaches such as Klima, Fourcovouni, Bears, Vani, Kalogria, and Sykia. Learn more about the Day Cruise by taking the Milos Round Trip.

What else is worth seeing in Milos

The villages of Milos come to give their colorful touch to the island. They are famous for their picturesqueness, tradition, and beautiful landscapes. Below you will find the most famous villages of Milos.

1) Plaka

Plaka is the island’s capital and is distinguished for its cobbled streets and Cycladic architecture. You can take an afternoon stroll and enjoy the sunset colors by climbing up to the castle, where the church of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary towers at the top. Another spot that offers panoramic views is Panagia Korfiatissa. One of its most essential advantages is preventing vehicles from passing through Plaka during the evening hours, resulting in peace.

Plaka Milos Greece

2) Klima

Klima is a small village with many wires, such as white houses on the beach with colorful doors, which the fishermen could see on their way home.

Klima Milos Greece

3) Adamas

Your first contact with the island will be at the port of Milos, namely Adamas, which has increased tourist traffic and is full of life during the tourist months. This is because you can enjoy various food choices, shopping, and drinks. Finally, around the port, you will find many travel agencies offering a range of sea excursions.

adamantas milos

4) Tripiti

Tripiti is a traditional village, a stone’s throw from the plate. A visit to this place will bring back memories of a bygone era. Its name comes from volcanic rocks that have many holes in them. Visit the church of Agios Nikolaos, enjoy the panoramic view, and taste the traditional flavors in the Greek taverns.

tripiti milos

5) Pollonia

Pollonia is the second port and belongs to the island’s northern side. You can eat in one of the countless taverns overlooking a beautiful landscape. If you want to visit Kimolos, a ferry departs every hour. You can also take a boat to Glaronisia and the caves of Papafragas.

Greece earth of gods

6) Triovasalos Milos

This village is just 10 km from Plaka and is built amphitheatrically on a hill. There are several shops to visit and two churches that stand out, those Agios Spyridon and Agios Georgios.

7) Mandrakia

Madrakia is a fishing village, where it is worth visiting to see the colorful little houses. You can also swim in the small bay during your visit.



Archaeological Museum of Milos

One of the most impressive statues is in this museum, which is none other than the statue of Aphrodite of Milos, a replica discovered in the 19th century. The original is in the Louvre museum. This museum is located in Plaka and is worth visiting and seeing virtual exhibits.

Hours of operation: Mon – Sun: 9:00 a.m. – 6:45 p.m. Closed on Tuesdays


 Ticket Price: Full 3€, Reduced 2€.


The catacombs are considered the first large cemetery of the first Christians in the area of Milos, which, apart from being a cemetery, was also a place of worship.

Hours of operation: Mon – Sun: 9:00 a.m. – 6:45 p.m. Closed on Tuesdays

Ticket price: €4 general admission, €2 for people over 65, free for EU students

Where to Eat

The gastronomy of Milos is famous and includes a variety of local products, with the cheeses standing out. The most prominent flavors to try before you leave the island are handmade pasta, watermelon pie, pies with mille-cheese, tomato cakes, and of course, the authentic seafood dishes of Milos.

Yialos (Pollonia)

Its tables are next to the picturesque harbor, and you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood.

O! Hamos! Tavern (Adamas)

It is one of the most famous tavernas of Milos and will satisfy every expectation, as it offers traditional food with authentic local flavors and rich portions. It is worth noting that the meats are of their production, as well as their cheeses. The dishes that stand out are the rooster with noodles, the pita, the pork with petimezi, and the saganaki.

Aggeliki ice cream shop (Adamas)

You can enjoy ice creams and various types of sweets in this shop.

Kivotos ton Gefseon (Pollonia)

Your breakfast will be different, just by tasting local products of Milos from this shop.

Medusa (Mandrake)

Overlooking the endless blue landscape, you can enjoy traditional seafood dishes. The standout dishes are swordfish on skewers and codfish garlic.

Gyros of Milos (Adamas)

At the gyros of Milos, you can enjoy genuine traditional Greek souvlaki both upon arrival on the island and upon your departure, as the souvlaki restaurant is just a few minutes walk from the port of Milos.


Milos is not famous for its intense nightlife. However, you can drink your cocktail overlooking the port of Adamas. Such places are Aragosta and Akri. Similarly, the Utopia cafeteria, located in Plaka, is ideal for relaxing moments, where you can enjoy the sunset and enjoy your drink.

Useful tips

  1. Milos takes about five days to visit; if you have more days available, you can see Kimolos.
  2. The best months for economic and quieter holidays are June and September.
  3. Getting around the island will not be difficult, as it is a small island and has good roads. You can rent a car, motorbike, or ATV. 
  4. Milos is not known for its intense nightlife.
  5. In August, don’t miss the festivals in Zefiria and Tripiti.