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At the edge of the sea, there are rocks with a statue of a ballerina dancing on top. Behind the sea, you can see the old town of Budva with its stone buildings and walls.

Holidays in Budva: What to Do and See

The Miami of Montenegro

A few words about Budva


Budva, the largest tourist resort on the coast of Montenegro. Beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and a medieval town that will impress you from the very first moment.

 Start your vacation in Montenegro with Budva as your base and explore the Bay of Kotor, Perast, and even Dubrovnik. Explore the Old Town, climb up to the Acropolis fortress, take a cruise to the island of Sveti Nichola, get a close look at Sveti Stefan, and don’t forget to swim at one of the incredible beaches on the Budva Riviera.

 In this article, you will learn everything about your vacation in Budva. Read below for the best things to see and do in one of the most tourist-friendly places in Montenegro.

One of the stunning beaches in Budva, teeming with people swimming and lounging on sunbeds. The sea serves as a backdrop to the stone old town, with green mountains rising behind it.
Swim at one of the beaches in Budva.

Sights in Budva

1. Old Town

Start your exploration of Budva from its iconic symbol, which is none other than the Old Town, and travel back in time through its medieval walls, fortresses, towers, and gates. A stroll through this rocky peninsula will lead you to discover cobblestone streets, squares, alleys, churches, and cafes. The Old Town is the landmark of Budva, boasting significant cultural and historical heritage. The main gate along the walls is the impressive Porta di Terra Ferma. 

Stari Grad is one of the oldest well-preserved towns on the Adriatic with a history spanning over 2,500 years, showcasing a blend of medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque-style buildings. Take a walk along the city’s central street, Njegoseva Street, where you’ll see some of the most beautiful architectural works in the town. Also, don’t forget to relax and enjoy your summer by taking a swim at one of its stunning beaches, such as Mogren Beach.


A picturesque stone-paved alley in Budva with shops on both sides.
Explore the narrow streets of the Old Town.

Paragliding in Budva
Experience a unique adventure by
paragliding in Budva. Witness the beautiful landscape of the Old Town from above and feel your adrenaline soar to new heights.

2. The Ballerina Statue

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the most famous symbol of Budva, the Ballerina Statue, which is a bronze sculpture created by the sculptor Gradimir Aleksić. It stands against the backdrop of the Old Town and the Adriatic Sea and can be encountered as you walk towards the most famous beach in Budva, Mogren Beach.

 Behind this sculpture lies a myth in which a girl was engaged to a sailor who traveled far away to earn money for a better life for them both but never returned. Every morning, the girl would wake up and go to the sea, hoping to see him again, dancing and gazing at the horizon. One day, she was found dead on the rock where the sculpture now stands, symbolizing her unwavering faith.

A bronze statue of a ballerina standing on a rock. Behind her, you can see the Adriatic Sea and the island of Sveti Nikola.
Get up close to the city's most famous landmark

3. Sveti Nikola

Wondering what else you can see and do on your vacation in Budva? 

Visit the lush island that stretches for 2 kilometers and escape the city’s hustle and bustle with a day cruise. Get on a cruise ship that will swiftly take you to Sveti Nikola, also known as the Hawaii Island due to its incredible azure waters and lush landscape. 

There, you’ll encounter a cliff rising 121 meters above the Adriatic waters. You’ll also find beaches equipped with beach bars and sunbeds, a restaurant, and a non-functioning church. There are no permanent residents on the island, only deer, rabbits, and birds.


Tip: Make sure to bring special water shoes with you, as the beaches have pebbles.


Go kayaking around
the island of Sveti Nikola
Experience a unique adventure by kayaking to the island of Sveti Nikola. Rent a kayak in Budva and explore the Adriatic coastline at your own pace. Enjoy a fun-filled activity paddling and swimming around the island of Saint Nicholas.

4. Acropolis Fortress

Don’t miss the chance to visit the tallest point in the city, the Citadela Fortress in Budva, which was built to protect the city from hostile attacks. It was also used as a military barracks and a storage place for ammunition, but nowadays, you’ll find the city museum, a library, and a restaurant there. 

During the summer months, many events are held at this location, such as art festivals, theatrical performances, and concerts. If you plan to dine at the restaurant, opt for sunset hours, as it is the most romantic spot in the city, with mesmerizing views. Make a reservation in advance as it can be hard to find an available table.

 On the fortress wall, there are two fish carved on top. Rub them and make a wish. According to legend, a couple was in love, but due to their parents’ refusal to bless their marriage, they decided to end their lives by jumping into the sea together.


5. Sveti Stefan

Visit the most photographed place in Montenegro, Sveti Stefan, which is connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land. This island was once a fishing village and now operates as a luxury resort. Specifically, it used to be a small fortified village where residents used it as a safe haven from Turkish attacks. Today, it’s one of the most luxurious tourist resorts in Europe managed by Aman Sveti Stefan. You can only enter the interior if you have a reservation to stay at the resort or if you have a reservation at the island’s restaurant.

After you arrive there, besides photographing the most famous place in Budva, take a swim at the beaches located to the right and left of Sveti Stefan. The red sandy beaches with incredibly clear, crystal waters and a view of the most iconic tourist spot in Montenegro, Sveti Stefan, will make you not want to leave. In the surrounding area, you’ll find restaurants, beach bars, sunbeds, and parking facilities.

6. Swim at the most famous beaches in Budva

Budva, being a seaside town, is the perfect place to relax and enjoy your summer by swimming and sunbathing on its unique beaches.

 The most famous beach is Mogren, located just a few minutes from the walls of the Old Town. You’ll be impressed by the lush vegetation and green waters. Explore the caves, cliffs, and sunbathe on the golden sand. There is an organized area with a beach bar and sunbeds, but you also have the option to bring your own equipment. 

Another amazing beach is Jaz, only 2.5 kilometers away from Budva. It has turquoise waters, golden sand, and is surrounded by cliffs. You can enjoy various water sports there, such as jet skiing, parasailing, and kayaking. You’ll also find sunbeds, umbrellas, beach bars, and restaurants. Visit the longest beach in Budva, Slovenska Plaza. Make sure to be there early as it gets crowded. This place turns into the center of nightlife in the evening.


Tip: Make sure to bring special water shoes with you, as the beaches have pebbles.

A girl with red hair and a black swimsuit stands in front of the lush Mogren beach in Budva. Behind the emerald waters, there are many sunbeds, and further back, a mountain covered with green trees.
Swim at the most famous beach in Budva.

7. Visit the churches

In the Old Town, you will find various Christian and Catholic churches with unique works of art inside. As you walk through the main square of the Old Town, you will come across the Church of St. John, which was built in the 12th century and is the largest church in the city. Despite the multiple damages it has suffered over the years, it stands before you with its simple basilica rhythm. Inside the Catholic church, you will find the oldest and most precious icon of the Virgin Mary.

 Additionally, visit the Church of Santa Maria in Punta, which has been constructed with a Byzantine style. Nowadays, it serves as a venue for local events, including art exhibitions and classical music concerts. In the past, it was used as a school and housed an archaeological collection of objects.


8. Aquapark in Budva

Visit the largest water entertainment park in the entire Adriatic. Head to the Topliš Hill, right above the town, and have a blast. Waterslides, pools, and various other water activities await you there for the ultimate fun. It caters to both adults and children, with safe facilities provided for the kids.

9. Entertainment in Budva

Budva is indeed renowned for its vibrant nightlife, making it the party capital of Montenegro. During the summer season, you’ll have numerous options for nightlife entertainment, from clubs and bars to pubs. 

Here are some great places to experience Budva’s nightlife: 

Old Town: In the Old Town, you can enjoy a relaxed drink or a beer while listening to live music at places like Old Town Pub and Casper Bar. It offers a charming atmosphere for a night out.

 Slovenska Beach: Outside the Old Town, most of the nightlife spots are along Slovenska Beach. You can dance the night away at places like Torch Beach Club and San Trope. 

Top Hill: If you’re looking for a world-class nightclub experience, head to Top Hill. It’s one of the largest nightclubs globally, with a capacity for 5,000 people. They host famous DJs every year, and it’s just an 8-minute drive from the Old Town.

 Ploce: For a unique experience with pools and the sea combined, visit Ploce. This venue features pools, DJ parties, sun loungers, a beach bar, and restaurants, offering a blend of poolside relaxation and beachfront entertainment.

A pool with tables and umbrellas around it.
Enjoy the nightlife in the "party capital."

Accommodation in Budva

Accommodation in the Old Town

The best area to stay in Budva is the Old Town. 

Staying in the Old Town will provide you with an unforgettable experience, as you will be within walking distance of the city’s main attractions and be able to enjoy the nightlife, shopping in the stores, and dining in the restaurants, all within the unique and picturesque medieval landscape.

Stay at the most modern hotel in the Old Town.  Hotel Villa Gracia is located near Ricardova Glava Beach, Pizana Beach, and Budvam Water Park. It features a distinctive and contemporary decor, serves breakfast, and provides private parking.

Accommodation in Podmaine

odmaine is located to the north of the city center, and this area offers more budget-friendly hotel options for your stay in Budva. By staying in this area, you’ll be close to the countryside and have the opportunity to explore attractions like the Podmaine Monastery, go hiking in Podostrog, and discover the Kosmac Fortress. 

Consider staying at the  Chill and Go Aparthotelwhich features an outdoor pool for you to enjoy. The rooms have modern furnishings, and the hotel is within easy reach of Jaz Beach.


Accommodation in Becici

Are you looking for relaxation during your vacation in Budva? The Bečići area is a coastal tourist resort in Montenegro where you can unwind and enjoy the beaches. It’s ideal for families and offers a wide variety of water sports and other sports facilities. 

At Hotel Zeta you can enjoy breakfast and visit their spa, which includes a jacuzzi, sauna, and hammam. The Mogren Beach and Sveti Stefan are just 6 kilometers away.

Book your accommodation early and secure the lowest prices
Now, you can explore Budva comfortably and. stylishly by booking one of its wonderful hotels located within close proximity to all the attractions

Accommodations in Budva

The Old Town of Budva stands out behind the Adriatic Sea with its red-tiled roofs and stone buildings.
Choose the Old Town for an unforgettable stay in Budva.

Useful tips for Budva

Below, you will find the 5 most useful tips to keep in mind on your trip to Budva: 

1. Currency: The local currency is the euro. 

2. Cash: Carry cash with you as in many cases, card payments may not be accepted. 

3. Mobile: Roaming in Montenegro is not free, so purchase local prepaid SIM cards to have local rates and avoid excessive international roaming charges. 

4. Weather: If you visit Budva in the summer, keep in mind that the temperature can be quite high. Be sure to have a hat, sunscreen, and water with you, and explore the sights in the afternoon. 

5. Car: Budva is the perfect starting point to explore other places in Montenegro, such as Kotor and Perast. Rent a car in Budva to have a comprehensive experience of the country.

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